A Message from the Artist


Welcome to my CopperTree Site. Although I've made these trees for almost 30 years, it has not been until now that I'm making them more available. I'm located just west of Kansas City. I do have a full time job, but I just can't seem to keep my hands away from these pieces, and the satisfaction I get from creating them. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Happy Looking! - Kathy Horniman

About the Trees

The Copper/Tan/Brown colored trees are made of a 'Magnet Wire' or 'Inverted Duty Wire'. This is coated with a class H-insulation of varnish that withstands high temperatures. I use many different gauges of wire, depending on the size and type of tree I'm designing. This wire is often used in small electric motors.

In recent months, I've also worked with some 'tinned' copper wire. This has a silver look to it and the gauge is smaller than I usually work with. The tin coating adds some stiffness to the copper center, which makes it more manageable to work with. I like the 'ethereal' effect is has upon the trees. All the trees that are on a base of some sort are secured with 'envirotex', a polymer coating that assures me it will not come off, without a lot of effort. I treat the base surfaces with a light coating of this, to help waterproof and accentuate the colors on it.

To clean dust from these pieces, use compressed air, or just spray them with warm water and let them dry. The trees secured in the shadow boxes (without glass) are best cleaned with compressed air.

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